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A young girl struggles with her newfound magic.
Two women seek vengeance for two very different reasons.
A pair of hunters explore their supernatural bond.

Strangers cross paths after the sudden and mysterious destruction of a major city, plunging into turmoil a nation still in its infancy. Together, they find themselves embarking on a quest to uncover the sinister plot wreaking havoc across the empire. It is a story of perseverance, revenge and found family.

The Leeches Loom is a free-to-read ongoing fantasy novel that updates with new chapters every Wednesday. Unlike most web serials, which are usually written in arcs of a random number of chapters, The Leeches Loom is written more like a typical fantasy novel with each chapter clocking in at just a little over 3,000 words on average. The plan is to continue the story as a series of novels, occasionally interspersing side-story novellas between the main novels.

And hey, here's something cool! The website works just like a typical e-reader. Not only does it automatically save your place in the story, but you can add custom bookmarks and adjust settings like brightness, linespacing and font! Just click the little icon near the top of the page while you're reading!