"So, like, what even is Patreon?"

Patreon is a membership platform that enables subscribers—also known as patrons—to support creators and artists while gaining access to exclusive rewards and perks.

And wouldn't you know it, The Leeches Loom has one! The site doesn't use ads and the story is free to read, so becoming a patron helps to fund its continuation. Not only that, but patrons also unlock a whole bunch of perks! Check out the tiers for a quick breakdown, or read the detailed list below.
Lira // The iron tier
per month
  • Comment profiles unlocked: Your name and photo will appear next to comments. No more anonymous posting!
  • Skip comment moderation queue
  • Iron badge unlocked: Your profile photo will appear ringed with iron

Drachma // The copper tier
per month
  • Read chapters 1 week in advance: Logging in on the site will automatically unlock the next week's chapter
  • Copper badge unlocked: Your profile photo will appear ringed with copper and filigree

Talent // The silver tier
per month
  • Access to patron-only blog: Logging in on the site will automatically unlock access to an ongoing AMA blog thing with sneak peek excerpts and things!
  • Silver badge unlocked: Your profile photo will appear ringed with silver and fancier filigree

Gold // The, well, gold tier
per month
  • Read chapters 2 weeks in advance
  • Comment emojis unlocked: Gain access to emojis in the comment section
  • Gold badge unlocked: Your profile photo will appear ringed with gold and even fancier filigree

"What do I get for becoming a patron?"

The tiers aboveto the side give a pretty good breakdown of what each tier gets, but what exactly are each of those individual rewards?
  • Comment profiles:
    On the website, commenting is done anonymously by default. Connecting your Patreon account, however, enables profiles, meaning your Patreon account name and photo show up alongside your comments! No more anonymity!
  • Skip comment moderation queue:
    Anonymous comments bring a risk of spam or unwelcome behavior, so they are added to a moderation queue and will not show up on the website until they are manually vetted. With an account, that anonymity is gone, so there's no need for moderation. What spam bot is going to sign up for Patreon? (Note: This reward can be rescinded due to poor behavior, so try not to be a jerk, alright?)
  • Badges:
    Each Patreon tier is named after one of the tiers of in-world currency: iron lira, copper drachmae, silver talents, and gold. In addition to your photo next to comments, it will be ringed by a border of the corresponding currency. The higher your tier, the fancier the badge!
  • Advance chapters:
    The copper tier enables access to chapters one week in advance, while the gold tier allows access to chapters two weeks in advance! As long as you are logged in on the website, you'll be able to read a chapter or two earlier than others!
  • Patron-only blog:
    Silver tier or higher patrons will have access to an exclusive blog type thing where I will be posting sneak peek excerpts of future (sometimes far future) chapters, have an ongoing AskMeAnything-style Q&A, probably photos of my dog, Ellie, etc.
  • Comment emojis:
    Gold tier or higher patrons will be an exclusive bunch that are allowed access to emojis in the comment section. Spice up your comments ⚔️💀🧙🐻. Just don't go overboard! There's a reason these are in the gold tier.
NOTE: Patrons are charged up front on the day you join, instantly granting you access to all your new perks. Easy! After that, you'll be charged at the beginning of every following month. If you pledge at the end of the month, you may be charged twice in quick succession.

ALSO: Abuse of privledges will result in a suspension of said privledges. What we're trying to say is don't be a dick in the comments section, okay?